Pauline Whittaker Dog Training School

Pauline Whittaker and her team of highly qualified dog trainers provide a range of classes, courses and 1 to 1 lessons for your puppy, rescue dog or older canine companion.  Based in Worcestershire the school provides dog training across Hereford, Gloustershire and Shropshire. Meet Pauline Whittaker and her qualified Dog Trainers by visiting this page.

Why is it so difficult to achieve? One of the most common issues that owners raise with me on a regular basis, is that of reliability outside and off lead. Most people would like the idyllic walks with their dog […]

This article was published in “The Dog Trainer” in 2010. If you have ever lived with a dog who is difficult and challenging read it, it is the story of my beloved Jake, my ‘difficult’ dog and the reason I […]

I first went to Crufts as a child when it was still held at Earl?s Court. My father worked for the BBC and we got free tickets. I remember sitting around the breed rings vaguely bored and wondering if I?d […]